jessica September 10, 2018

Playing outdoor games can be a brilliant way to enhance learning abilities in kids. They may learn important life lessons and skills, develop a problem-solving attitude, get to explore nature, acquire new information and an elementary understanding of science. Moreover, it is learning done through play which can be the best form of learning. Outdoor […]

jessica August 14, 2018

Making outdoor play fun for the kids can motivate them to take up outdoor games and sports. You can try taking your kid’s favourite toys like play dough, racing cars, ball, etc. outdoors and cheer them on to explore and play with them differently. Consider walking to the nearby market or to the library instead of driving. Your […]

jessica July 14, 2018

A study published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that kids who spend time playing outside are at a reduced risk of developing “myopia,” or nearsightedness. The team of researchers found that a child’s chances of developing myopia dropped by two percent for each additional hour spent outdoors, per week. The study concluded that getting kids […]