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jessica June 21, 2018

Nihilism has got a real bad rep on the mean streets of pop culture. It’s usually boiled down to “Nothing really matters, so why bother doing good things?” which usually manifests in the “villainous nihilist” stereotype. Anton from No Country For Old Men is a violently efficient nihilist, giving speeches about how life and death are as […]

jessica May 17, 2018

My mind went through all the reasons this might be happening: burnout, other interests, team dynamics, I was too hard on her, the gamut. What could it be? If you are a parent or a coach, I believe it is critical that we have a good understanding of why kids play, and why they quit. […]

jessica April 16, 2018

Previous attempts to use video games to halt, or even reverse, cognitive decline related to aging have generated mixed results. The latest attempt, led by neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley from the University of California, San Francisco, kept it simple by targeting a single cognitive skill: multitasking. In a study published Wednesday (September 4) in Nature, Gazzaley and […]